Young Business People You Should Read About

Young Business People You Should Read About

NEThey say that having a business strategy or approach is both a skill and a talent. It’s a skill developed by the environment such as the school and the home. It’s also considered as a talent because the blood of being business-minded is usually passed on from generation to the next.  Sean Belnik, Dominic McVey, and Mark Zuckerberg are some of the most prominent young entrepreneurs that you should learn and research about if you’re planning on having a career with the business sector.

Sean Belnik

At the age of 16, Belnik started an online shop that sold trading cards and other small collectible items. After the successful launch he ventured into interior design and furniture, founding During a short span of time, Belnik is now estimated to be worth millions- despite being less than 21 years old.

Dominic McVey

There are some items that are cheaper when bought from another country than your own. Motorcycles for example, are pretty expensive in Europe than in the United States. McVey saw this as an opportunity to import scooters from the U.S. and sell them in the U.K. The pricing of his products were lower than the usual country price and so people patronized his business. He was able to partner with a big business corporation which increased his profit all the more. McVey was able to see a business opportunity in a gap that is rarely seen by people, the difference of the economic market. He started at an early age of thirteen, and became a millionaire before reaching the age of 15.


Mark Zuckerberg

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to elaborate this person further, but yes, Zuckerberg is a co-founder of the social media platform facebook and is currently the company’s CEO. Zuckerberg started developing his computer and programming skills early during middle school- meaning we all have to start somewhere. The page was developed and planned for years together with other developers, but in the end hard work paid off. The social media platform is now the most sought out online community making the 26 year-old CEO a billion dollars worth.

One thing in common that these young entrepreneurs have is the trait of trying. Whether you be older than them, you should not falter and look down on yourself, it only means that you are capable too, and that there’s no other time to start, but now.

You should never question your ability to start and create something new. Try to take risks and push your boundaries like these people who started out young, there’s no excuse that can take you to any place worth going.

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