Young Business People You Should Read About

NEThey say that having a business strategy or approach is both a skill and a talent. It’s a skill developed by the environment such as the school and the home. It’s also considered as a talent because the blood of being business-minded is usually passed on from generation to the next. Manjit Minhas, Sean Belnik, Dominic McVey, and Mark Zuckerberg are some of the most prominent young entrepreneurs that you should learn and research about if you’re planning on having a career with the business sector.


  1. Manjit Minhas

This business tycoon started her reign at the age of 19 while still studying in the university. Together with her brother, they launched their own spirit line in Alberta, Canada and continued to expand their market and products after their successful launch. Hard work paid off and in 2006 they were able to get hold the second oldest brewery in the United States and pcoined it as Minhas Brewery. Because of this purchase, they became the youngest brewery owners in the world. Today, still supply spirits shipped to a number of countries. Her life is just a testimony that if you put your heart into it then you’ll make it.


  1. Sean Belnik

At the age of 16, Belnik started an online shop that sold trading cards and other small collectible items. After the successful launch he ventured into interior design and furniture, founding During a short span of time, Belnik is now estimated to be worth millions- despite being less than 21 years old.


  1. Dominic McVey

There are some items that are cheaper when bought from another country than your own. Motorcycles for example, are pretty expensive in Europe than in the United States. McVey saw this as an opportunity to import scooters from the U.S. and sell them in the U.K. The pricing of his products were lower than the usual country price and so people patronized his business. He was able to partner with a big business corporation which increased his profit all the more. McVey was able to see a business opportunity in a gap that is rarely seen by people, the difference of the economic market. He started at an early age of thirteen, and became a millionaire before reaching the age of 15.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to elaborate this person further, but yes, Zuckerberg is a co-founder of the social media platform facebook and is currently the company’s CEO. Zuckerberg started developing his computer and programming skills early during middle school- meaning we all have to start somewhere. The page was developed and planned for years together with other developers, but in the end hard work paid off. The social media platform is now the most sought out online community making the 26 year-old CEO a billion dollars worth.


One thing in common that these young entrepreneurs have is the trait of trying. Whether you be older than them, you should not falter and look down on yourself, it only means that you are capable too, and that there’s no other time to start, but now.


You should never question your ability to start and create something new. Try to take risks and push your boundaries like these people who started out young, there’s no excuse that can take you to any place worth going.


Get Into The Halloween Spirit!

Happy Halloween everyone! How are you guys getting into the Halloween spirit? Whether it is dressing up like your favourite cartoon character, wearing black and orange, carrying your favourite orange (Monte Napoleone) Alex Folzi suitcase, Halloween has become a national holiday that everyone likes to celebrate.

The Monte Napoleone is our beautiful bright orange suitcase and would go perfectly with your jack-o-lantern! It can also carry your makeup, a change of clothes, and a spare pair of flats for after a night out (girls you know what i’m talkin’ about).

I know pumpkin pie is not a traditional Halloween dessert, but what better way to use up all the pumpkin you buy?!

I used silken tofu to make this pumpkin pie truly guilt free. What are your recipe secrets for pumpkin pie?


What do Soirette Macarons and Alex Folzi Bags have in common?

Soirette Macarons & Tea is located on West Pender Street in downtown Vancouver and is a 10-15 minute walk from Waterfront station. When I first entered the store, I was amazed to see the array of beautiful macarons on display! Every handcrafted macaron looked absolutely gorgeous. Some of their unqiue flavours include: apple pie, pineapple wasabi, mango black pepper, pink peppercorn, and black olive. Say what?!

Now, what do these beautiful looking macarons have in common with Alex Folzi suitcases?

The beautiful eye catching colours! The newest collection of Alex Folzi suitcases were inspired by the most beautiful cities and landmarks in Europe, while taking on the majestic colour of each city. Choose one, or collect them all. I can already picture someone carrying the adorable Razmataz yellow suitcase (inspired by Amsterdam) in one hand, while eating an equally delicious looking macaron in the other.

Feast your eyes ladies and gents.

That Chanel Bag AKA- The Hula Hoop Bag

It’s already is the MOST talked bag and it’s not even Spring/Summer 2013 yet!!! So that’s got us all thinking: who is actually going to flaunt this coveted bag? Is it comfortable? Or does that really not matter when it comes to Chanel? What celebrities do YOU think will wear this statement bag?

While we can’t promise you a hula hoop suitcase, we can promise you our Alex Folzi bags are such as fabulous as a statement, light-weight, comfortable and JUST as fun! haha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Organic Beauty products

Skin is the most sensitive organ of our body and what we apply on our skin directly affects its quality. Organic beauty products contain ingredients that are grown without using synthetic herbicides, pesticides and organisms that are modified genetically. Organic products also do not use artificial chemicals, fillers, petroleum waxes and other harmful additives. They are therefore entirely natural and healthy for use. Having been manufactured with high quality, superior ingredients, organic beauty products are more effective and work better.

Most of the organic skin care products and organic make up use ingredients such as humectants, preservatives, emulsifiers, emollients and surfactants. These ingredients come in both synthetic as well as natural forms. While the synthetic variety is harmful, natural form of these ingredients are highly beneficial.

In order to obtain a glowing and healthy skin, it is important to follow a routine skin care regiment. In order to protect your skin from pollutants, it is essential to cleanse your skin to enhance its elasticity and texture. Regular use of non-organic products is harmful for the skin as they are made of harsh chemicals, the residue of which can clog the pores.

Organic beauty products are ideal for regular use on your skin. Natural ingredients used in these products are excellent for allowing the pores to breathe by opening them. Organic products are also environment friendly. In keeping with the exact requirements of your skin, organic beauty products are specially formulated with ingredients that are highly compatible with the skin and make it look vibrant and healthy.

All organic cosmetics, organic shampoo and organic body care products do not contain harmful ingredients such as artificial colour fragrances, mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and parabens. Most of the high quality organic hair care products and body care products such as organic lotions contain natural ingredients such as Pomegranate oil, Kukui nut oil, Grape kernel oil, Cats-claw, Camellia seed oil, Water lily extract, Vine extract, Sea buckthorn oil and Seed oils.

Organic shampoo for example retains the natural moisture of the hair. In fact, the botanical ingredients in the shampoo are rich in nutrients and infuse the hair with nourishing vitamins and moisturizing oils. This helps maintain the hair healthy and soft. Organic hair cleansers are mild and help clean the scalp in the safest manner.

Natural ingredients present in them combine to bring back the balance to the skin by correcting the imbalance resulting from abuse such as over exposure to sunlight and other environmental pollutants. This ensures a healthy, vibrant and glowing skin.

Organic beauty products are available in many stores that sell organic products. You can also shop for organic products and organic cosmetics online.

Kids give letter to homeowner who didn’t hand out Halloween candy

Most children can’t wait to collect candy on Halloween night, but when homeowners don’t hand out treats some dire consequences can follow.

Some kids calling themselves Children of the Hood wrote a letter to one homeowner in Oshawa, Ont. explaining that he missed Halloween and left the letter in his mailbox. They write that the lady who used to own the house handed out candy apples, “but last night there were no candy apples. Come to think of it there was no candy at all from your home!”

The kids explain the mistake and say the homeowner can fix it next year by passing out chocolate bars. They say they will understand he probably can’t make candy apples because he is a guy and that they receive too many bags of chips so chocolate bars are the perfect solution. Another way to rectify the issue is for the homeowner to deliver candy to the children on Saturday because they will probably have eaten all of their candy from Halloween by then.

But the homeowner didn’t deliver any candy, instead he posted the note on Kijiji saying he is looking for the author.

“Dear Children of Entitlement (and likely their parents),” starts the Kijiji post. “You have gone ahead and reminded me of why I do not want children, and why I weep for the future.”

The homeowner says he was not home on Halloween and has bought a huge amount of candy, which he will enjoy with his friends on Saturday.

P.s check this video out, it is really funny


When it comes to celebrity Halloween parties there’s no fancy dress party quite like a Heidi Klum fancy dress party. The German model and TV presenter is notorious for her boundary pushing costumes, fanciful spreads and A-list guests who are equally as enthusiastic in their transformation stakes. As the season of skulls, pumpkins and #TrickorTweet approaches we thought what better way to inspire some serious costumes than with a post dedicated to the excessive looks created by the stars who love Halloween almost as much as we do!

If even Ska girl Gwen Stefani goes to the ball as Cinderella, then it must be true, every girl wants to be a Disney Princess! Goodbye to Stefani’s check trousers and yolk yellow hair and hello to the most realistic princess dress we’ve ever seen. Stefani has clearly had Cinderella on repeat to get this sort of attention to detail. Cue: elegant tiara, blown out fringe and white gloves. Perfect! That’s not to take anything away from our Queen Bee – Beyonce! – who couldn’t have picked a more apt costume. The diva was pregnant with Ivy Blue Carter when she donned her furry, spherical bee costume which not only nicely hid her baby bump but showed off her fabulous as always pins. There’s got to be a way of recreating this with chicken wire and faux-fur, yes?!

If there’s a prize for cuteness, it’s got to go to Buffy star Alyson Hannigan. Her all-in-one kangaroo costume complete with a pouch for her very own marsupial dressed baby is so cute. (We highly recommend googling Alyson Hannigan for more oh-so-adorable Halloween costumes). As for Gossip Girl and fellow Buffy star Michelle Trachtenberg decided to go for a more artsy approach and took to one of director Tim Burton’s sketches ‘Blue Girl with Wine’ for inspiration to her costume. With all that smurf paint and serious eyelashes, this is what we call a dedicated effort!