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Young Business People You Should Read About

They say that having a business strategy or approach is both a skill and a talent. It’s a skill developed by the environment such as the school and the home. It’s also considered as a talent because the blood of being business-minded is usually passed on from generation to the next. Manjit Minhas, Sean Belnik, […]

Get Into The Halloween Spirit!

Happy Halloween everyone! How are you guys getting into the Halloween spirit? Whether it is dressing up like your favourite cartoon character, wearing black and orange, carrying your favourite orange (Monte Napoleone) Alex Folzi suitcase, Halloween has become a national holiday that everyone likes to celebrate. The Monte Napoleone is our beautiful bright orange suitcase and would […]

What do Soirette Macarons and Alex Folzi Bags have in common?

Soirette Macarons & Tea is located on West Pender Street in downtown Vancouver and is a 10-15 minute walk from Waterfront station. When I first entered the store, I was amazed to see the array of beautiful macarons on display! Every handcrafted macaron looked absolutely gorgeous. Some of their unqiue flavours include: apple pie, pineapple wasabi, […]

That Chanel Bag AKA- The Hula Hoop Bag

It’s already is the MOST talked bag and it’s not even Spring/Summer 2013 yet!!! So that’s got us all thinking: who is actually going to flaunt this coveted bag? Is it comfortable? Or does that really not matter when it comes to Chanel? What celebrities do YOU think will wear this statement bag? While we […]

Organic Beauty products

Skin is the most sensitive organ of our body and what we apply on our skin directly affects its quality. Organic beauty products contain ingredients that are grown without using synthetic herbicides, pesticides and organisms that are modified genetically. Organic products also do not use artificial chemicals, fillers, petroleum waxes and other harmful additives. They […]

Kids give letter to homeowner who didn’t hand out Halloween candy

Most children can’t wait to collect candy on Halloween night, but when homeowners don’t hand out treats some dire consequences can follow. Some kids calling themselves Children of the Hood wrote a letter to one homeowner in Oshawa, Ont. explaining that he missed Halloween and left the letter in his mailbox. They write that the […]


When it comes to celebrity Halloween parties there’s no fancy dress party quite like a Heidi Klum fancy dress party. The German model and TV presenter is notorious for her boundary pushing costumes, fanciful spreads and A-list guests who are equally as enthusiastic in their transformation stakes. As the season of skulls, pumpkins and #TrickorTweet […]